Adhesive fixing of fastener

Welcome to the website of Manplas Limited – a leading supplier of high-quality, custom-made, vacuum-formed components. The versatile vacuum-forming process moulds components from extruded sheet plastic that has been heated to beyond its softening temperature and then formed to the desired shape with the help of vacuum suction on to a forming mould.

Accredited to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, Manplas is equipped to provide all your vacuum-forming needs – design assistance, tooling provision, parts manufacture, finishing/assembly and warehousing/logistics. And, complemented by a highly diligent and experienced technical and production team, we have the capability of delivering complex formings, in a wide variety of engineering thermoplastics, to your most exacting demands.

If you have a requirement for vacuum-formed parts or have a component design that you think is suitable for vacuum-forming, please present us with your outline ideas or finished designs and we’ll happily assist in developing a cost-effective and speedy solution. Equally, if you are seeking more competitive pricing on existing vacuum-formed parts that you purchase, we will be pleased to offer benchmarking quotations for your consideration.